Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finger knitting can be usefull!

These are just three of the pouches I've woven and added a finger knit cord to. The top one nicely holds my cell phone when my pockets are full of keys and a wallet. You know, for those days when you just want to march around with your arms swinging. The magnetic clasp hold the flap in place but it's very easy to get open when it needs to be.

The green and blue one is tablet woven. The two glass rods beside it are the colors of glass I'll use to make beads for the ends of the cord. This little bag holds a comb for untangling threads when I weave and a homemade pin for securing the cards while that gets done. The cord is short because it just hangs on the loom.

The little brown bag with the terrible picture is a rather interesting type of weaving that is done on a piece of cardboard and 'in the round'. There are no seams in it. Hmmm, that might be another blog!

Anyway, that's enough about finger knitting for a while!

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